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Education Futures Great Southern Conference

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Albany Entertainment Centre

Date and time

  • Sunday 13 October 1:00pm - late (includes welcome dinner)
  • Monday 14 October 8:30- 5:00pm


speakers at the Education Futures Conference

This inaugural conference provided professional support to early childhood, primary and secondary teachers in implementing the futures perspective of the Australian Curriculum.

Prof Lyn Beazley, Dr Peter Ellyard, W/Prof Steve Hopper and other key speakers explored the role futures thinking plays in 21st century society.

More than 370 participants attend sessions across the two day conference.

Resources available

Keynote speakers resources and workshop resources are now available for participants to view.

A number of network groups have also been established to maintain the connections and conversations from the conference. 


The theme for the conference was the development of futures thinking in the Australian Curriculum.

Sunday 13 October 2013



Prof Lyn Beazley and Dr Peter Ellyard: Opening Speakers

  • Chief Scientist, Prof Lyn Beazley spoke about futures thinking and community engagement through science.
  • Dr Peter Ellyard author of Designing 2050 - Pathways to Sustainable Prosperity discussed preferred futures for the Great Southern.
  • This session was followed by a welcome sundowner in the AEC foyer at Albany Entertainment Centre.
Conconcurrent 2:00pm Sessions - Albany Entertainment Centre.

More information available online on conference website.

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