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How to set up your postgraduate profile

An important part of being a postgraduate student in the Centre is to be able to share and promote your research.

The postgraduate database offers you the opportunity to do this easily and quickly.

Once completed your profile will be available on the CENRM as well as the UWA research site.

Your proposal will not be signed off on until you have set up your profile.


  1. Email W/Prof Steve Hopper, Graduate Research Coordinator or Ashleigh Brand with a request to set up your profile for CENRM:
    • Name
    • Student number
  2. Your blank profile will be set up and an email will be returned to you with a link to your profile.
  3. Note some problems have been found using Internet Explorer Version 9 - please consider using an alternative browser as some students have been unable to save work. Note this bug is currently being investigated.
  4. Update your profile with your key information and relevant photos.
  5. Please ensure you select all relevant groups in the relevant profile field - for example if you are in CENRM and also another group such as Plant Biology, or Oceans Institute there are groups for them as well as CENRM.
  6. Submit for approval.
  7. Your profile will be approved and available for viewing online.

Please ensure you keep your profile up to date.

If you have any problems please email either W/Prof Steve Hopper and Ashleigh Brand.

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