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Further information

For any more information or assistance please contact:
Dr Dale Roberts
email or phone +61 (8) 9842 0867

UWA induction information

Graduate Research School

We have developed this key CENRM resource which contains all the information you need to know when undertaking postgraduate study with the Centre.

This welcome guide includes: contacts, induction, research study processes and polices and also specific Centre information.

Welcome guide for postgraduate students

Looking for advice not in the welcome guide handbook? Please contact, Dr Dale Roberts Graduate Research Coordinator
email or phone +61 (8) 9842 0867.

Induction checklist

This checklist includes information on all the necessary processes and  procedures that should be undertaken to help you settle into the Centre, as quickly and as smoothly as possible. You should review and discuss the checklist with your supervisor during the first few weeks of arrival.


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