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Great Southern Science Council


The Great Southern Science Council was established in late 2011. Following a call for nominations for membership, eight councillors were appointed and first met early in 2012.

Council objectives

The members of the Council agreed on the following objectives.

Within the scope and purpose of the Council in the region:

  1. Through consultation with relevant organisations, identify the needs, knowledge gaps and capacities and set priorities for science.
  2. Establish links with universities with a view to attracting postgraduate students and undergraduates.
  3. Offer mentoring and encouragement to scientists, including those studying for higher degrees and those beginning their careers.
  4. Improve communication between scientists and local communities.
  5. Assist the attraction of resources for scientific research, development and education in the region.
  6. Encourage the teaching of science in schools and further education.
  7. Encourage cross-disciplinary research, especially between scientists working in different organisations and between the natural and social sciences.
  8. Advocate and provide advice to governments, industry, science institutions and community.
  9. Listen, liaise, debate, consider and represent active and effective science.

Centre of Excellence in Natural Resource Management

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